Review: Aztec Secret Indian Healing Clay

Aztec Secret Indian Healing Clay (1lb, Php429)
Aztec Secret Indian Healing Clay (1lb, Php429)

I was introduced to this product after reading Barbie Chan’s review on the BDJ Box website (link below). Since I have the occasional pimple particularly on my cheek areas, I got excited when I read Barbie Chan’s post about it being her “anti-zit weapon”. I also read on other blogs that it’s one of the best DIY facials used the world over so I was ecstatic when I managed to find one in Healthy Options Glorietta. Mind you, it was the last piece left on the shelf! It costs Php429 for a 1lb jar. It’s quite big and you only need to use a small amount to cover your face so a single jar can easily last you for a year.

The product itself is 100% Calcium Bentonite Clay and it comes in powder form so make sure the jar is on a level surface when you open it, otherwise, the contents may spill. As stated in the instructions, you mix the product with equal part water or apple cider vinegar. Since it was my first time to use the product, I opted for water for a milder mask. The instructions also state that you need to use a non-metal container and utensil to mix the product. Getting a uniform consistency was a bit challenging but voila! My DIY mask is ready to apply.

Clay Mask mixed with Water
Clay Mask mixed with Water

I managed to make too much of the clay mixture so my leftover was used by my sister and my cousin. It turned into an impromptu facial party. =)

Facebook-20150308-014635My cousin (pictured above) and I didn’t feel any discomfort except for a tightening sensation while the mask was drying out. My sister, on the other hand, felt her face pulsating which is actually advertised on the product label. Maybe it’s because my cousin and I have combination/oily skin while my sister has dry skin.

After about 15 minutes, the clay was almost completely dry which made talking and smiling nearly impossible. We washed it off with warm water.

After toweling off, our faces felt really really clean and smooth. Pores were noticeably smaller and the skin felt more supple. The product warned that slight redness might be experienced after washing off the product but it was barely noticeable. Maybe it would be more evident if apple cider vinegar was used.

A day after using the product, my pimple has reduced in size although it’s still a bit red. I feel the tip drying out though so I believe the product is working.

All in all, this product is a great beauty find! It’s made from 100% natural clay and it’s super affordable. I do hope Healthy Options continue to stock up on this as I plan to have a jar handy at all times from now on.



Barbie Chan’s Review:


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