Makeup Train Case on a Budget

With my monthly subscription to a makeup sampling service, I end up with quite a lot of makeup. Since I share a room with someone, I don’t really have the luxury of spreading them out in a vanity table, unless I want to monopolize the entire thing. Add to that my 3 year old nephew who likes playing in my room and you’ve got a recipe for disaster. A couple of eyeliners have already fallen victim to his penchant for creating charcoal artwork all over my cabinet walls.

So unless I wanted all my lipsticks to decorate my walls when I come home, I badly needed a container that could hold all my makeup stuff in one place. I used to have those acrylic containers but they’re just too small so I end up with different pieces stashed in different parts of the room. Sooo…I decided to find me a train case. I found some models online but they were expensive. The bigger ones cost about P5,000 and I was just not willing to part with that kind of cash considering I’m only a makeup junkie and not a professional MUA.

Good thing I thought of dropping by a local home improvement store at the mall to canvass some alternatives. Lo and behold! I spotted the perfect container.

Buffalo Toolbox (Php769.75)
Buffalo Toolbox
(Php769.75 at True Value)

It’s made of hard plastic which is pretty durable and it only cost Php769.75! That was more than 6x less the price of the train case I found.

It also has layers inside and a big compartment at the bottom.


There are two layers and the grids you see at the bottom are actually the dividers. You take them apart and position them on the slots where you need to make compartments. I actually love that feature and you can’t do that in the expensive train cases. Score!

Measurements below:

IMG_20150821_153732 IMG_20150821_153637 IMG_20150821_153611IMG_20150821_153755

It’s the perfect size for a personal makeup stash. It’s highly functional, customizable, allows easy access to lower layers, and it’s durable. Another important thing is it’s made of plastic so I can clean it with soap and water. If any of my makeup spills, it won’t stain and I’ll be able to clean it up easily.

So here it is as I use it now:

IMG_20150816_185607_edit IMG_20150816_185626_edit

And some personal touches:


Makeup Train Case on a Budget

Thinking outside the box is fun.


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